Get to know the Artist

Lynn Moon

As an alumni of Columbus College of Art and Design and the American University of Cairo, Egypt, opportunity propelled Lynn’s career into many arenas. By unique circumstances while residing in Cairo Egypt, Lynn worked as an illustrator under world renown Entomologist and Parasitologist, Dr. Harry Hoogstraal and for Dr. Dale Osborn of the Smithsonian Institute at NAMRU 3.

Experienced in various disciplines to include, printing, print production, photo shoots and darkroom production. Art production, designer, technical and consumer product writing, trade show displays, sweepstakes, brochures, radio scripts, ads, fulfillment of product and Account Executive, becoming CEO of her own agency.

Government interest gave way to a position as Councilwomen, writing legislation, deciding the best use of the budget, serving the residents, overseeing their welfare and safety. She retired as a Deputy Clerk in the County Court system.

Now perusing her passion, animal illustrations. Lynn’s joy of illustrating animals comes from a deep respect and love for sovereignty of all creatures. There is a connection in the black and white illustration, no illusions, nothing hidden.